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Website Design

Let’s face it, there are a lot of construction websites out there that look cheap and outdated. We design websites for the construction industry that stand out above the competition. A website should reflect the quality and professionalism of your business. It should not only attract new business, but should keep your current clients informed of all your services. We create websites that are informative, modern, and professional.

Some of Our Designs

Website Management

A website is like a vehicle, it occasionally needs maintenance and care. Giant Shapes can manage maintenance so that your website stays up and running year after year. We actively monitor the website for problems and security risks/hacker activity, perform and store full backups, and upgrade core components. Our daily scans alert us immediately to any problems and we promptly take action.

Website Hosting

In can be difficult to make sense of what website hosting plan fits your company’s website and needs. Many companies spend too much for web hosting, or they spend too little and experience website downtime or performance issues. Giant Shapes can assist with finding a hosting plan that works for your company needs.

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress is the backbone of our websites. New releases and updates are regularly released. These updates can improve performance and security, among other things. Giant Shapes can manage WordPress maintenance so your website remains compatible and upgraded to the latest versions of WordPress.

Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google will scan your website trying to answer one big question – what is this website about? It will then decide if and when your website should show up in search results. We can optimize your site behind the scenes so that Google (and other search engines) will have no trouble clearly understanding what your site is about. This allows your site to rank much higher in search results.

Website Analytics and Reporting

Its great to have a modern, professional website out there for the world to see, but… how many people are viewing it? Where are they coming from? How are they finding your site? How are your competitors ranking? Our powerful reporting tools can answer those questions for you

Vesta Construction Websites

Giant Shapes has a longstanding relationship with Vesta Construction Websites, an industry expert in construction and energy focused marketing communications. Their area of expertise includes website content and design, sales literature, media relations, safety programs, social media management, conference management, and photography and video services.

Giant Shapes has designed, developed, and maintained websites for Vesta’s clients for over a decade. Thanks to our dynamic partnership and comprehensive understanding of the construction and energy industries, we deliver sustainable website services to enhance our clients’ marketing and business development efforts. This enables clients to devote more time to what they know best – delivering safe and reliable construction and energy work.

Visit Vesta Construction Websites to see examples of products our partnership has established.

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